Tidy Taste Tips

Tidy Taste Tips

If you feel that your tap water doesn't taste nice, here are some simple solutions

The easiest and lowest impact method for improving tap water that has a chlorine taste is to let it evaporate. Just let the water stand in an open jug or wide mouthed bottle like the TidyTide for a while and the chlorine taste disappears.

You can be as creative as you like in your choice of healthy and sustainable drinks to take away in your TidyTide bottle.

Although the TidyTide is not designed for hot drinks, herbal and fruit teas and infusions of any kind are easy to prepare with minimal effort.

The TidyTide bottle's mouth is big enough to take tea bags, lemon slices, ice cubes and many other ingredients if you want to add flavour to your tap water.

Apart from the obvious slice of lemon, here's what I like best:


Add a couple of ginger slices to your cold water

and let it infuse to taste.

Sweeten with honey if you like.

Alternatively you can boil just 200 ml of water, mix it with ginger and honey in your bottle, let infuse for 5 minutes and top up with cold water - ready to take away.

Another favourite of mine is fresh mint tea -

make sure you let it cool down a bit before

handling the TidyTide bottle!

Wether you're growing your own flavours yourself

or using commercial, packaged and imported teas and fruits - by making your drink yourself you know what's in it and you save a lot of money.

Whether you boil your water or not - compared to buying bottled drinks, the carbon footprint and waste is hugely reduced!

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