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The 100% plastic-free TidyTide bottle - refill it with tap water/tea/squash instead of buying bottled water and soft drinks and you are already helping to reduce a lot of rubbish and pollution, while living healthier and actually saving yourself a lot of cash, too.

Carrying a bottle with a message, you will not only lead by example, but also spread the message and ultimately mobilise people power for a better future.

A timeless, light weight and long lasting companion, the 100% plastic-free TidyTide bottle is made from high-grade stainless steel and bamboo, BPA free, FDA, LFGB and SGS certified, hygienic, non-toxic and sustainable.

The TidyTide makes a perfect gift for the eco-conscious water, nature and life lover who likes to make informed choices.

You might want to get your community involved in becoming better citizens of planet Earth and help spreading the word.

You might want to impress your customers with your eco-conscious merchandise that helps to improve the world we live in.

Or you might just enjoy your bottle all by yourself, knowing that you made the right choice.

The TidyTide campaign is also supporting people all around the world who are less lucky than us, who don’t have instant access to safe water yet, which we take for granted. I am raising funds to help provide clean and safe water and sanitation for everyone on Earth, through the collection of donations as well as personal freediving challenges. Follow my fundraising efforts here.

Time to get your TidyTide

750 ml stainless steel bottle with bamboo lid

£20 - an investment for life

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For Life - Not for Profit

See fundraising progress HERE


Take one small step

and make a BIG difference!

  •  SAVE your environment
  •  SAVE your health
  •  SAVE your money
  •  SAVE lives

Be the change

with a TidyTide

  • A bottle with a message
  • Raising awareness
  • Leading by example
  • Mobilising people power
  • For safe water
  • For a healthy planet
  • For a better life
  • For all of us

To end poverty, we believe everyone, everywhere must have clean water and toilets.

Together we can make it happen by 2030.

TidyTide proudly supports WaterAid

  • Check out my Tidy Taste Tips
  • Sometimes tap water can taste of chlorine, which is added to prevent micro-organisms from growing when the water is stored but the good news is: it evaporates!
  • Aeration will accelerate the process, achieved by pouring it from one vessel into another.
  • Alternatively you can give it a quick boil if you're in a rush.
  • Natural, plastic free carbon filters are emerging on the market now.
  • Try adding some lemon and honey for a healthy drink.
  • Herbal teas offer a great variety of choices, too.
  • Be creative. Be healthy.

Be proud.

Love Water - Love Life - Love Yourself