About me

About me

I am a simple freelance musician and teacher with a deep love for life, water, nature and people and I am blessed with my life as it is.

Every single day I am grateful for having water, food and shelter, facts worth remembering and celebrating.

But on a daily basis I am forced to watch people being manipulated into self-destructive consumerism, wasting their money and our resources and leaving behind a big pile of eternal rubbish. This isn’t funny any more. This is a serious threat to life on Earth.

In an urban environment, I find it really hard to live ethically on all levels, while trying to do my best not to waste any energy and resources and not to contribute to the increasing toxicity of our environment; I am living a rather humble life, consciously keeping things cheap and simple because I figured out that the more you work and spend, the more damage you do to the environment. But unfortunately I still can’t say that I am living 100% ethically, either.

Recently I was fortunate to get a lot of work in the jobs I love and for the first time in my life I managed to save up a little bit of money - so I found myself thinking long and hard about how to best invest it now.

A savings account seems pointless in the current climate, and looking at the history of inflation makes me wonder what I would be able to buy for my money in 20 years time?

Maybe gold is a safer bet? At least it’s a real thing, a tangible asset and not just made out of thin air like money. Ouh, I could hide it under the floorboards, what a romantic idea! But then - what would I do with it if nobody wanted any gold in the future; in the end you can’t eat or drink it, either, and it wouldn’t benefit anyone hidden there under the floorboards for decades.

Stock, oil, rare earth metals, you can invest into so many real and unreal things, advice is plentiful on the Internet. But to make big money you need to have big money and I don’t think I would want to get involved in any of this dirty, bloody business anyway.

I really want to invest my money into something ethically sound, so I looked into buying forest, organic farming and all sorts of other things, but my savings are a bit too small to start something like that. There must be another way. What do I really want to achieve in life? My personal life is great, I don’t really need anything more than I have. But on a global scale, excessive, shortsighted consumerism and devastating pollution really breaks my heart; it literally started to make me feel sick, whether I have plastic in my blood or not.

Then I had a moment of enlightenment where I realised that the best investment one can make is in positive change and people power.

So I decided to find a way to take on the plastic pollution problem and support access to safe water globally with a simple, practical solution and there it was - the idea of a bottle with a message.

I designed a logo and website and sourced a 100% plastic-free, sustainable and long-lasting bottle which not only helps to reduce plastic waste, but also to save your money and your health.

Labouring for few months, I deprived myself of sleep and food but I felt high on energy, driven by a force that I only knew from writing music.

I was obsessively researching and compiling information, designing, budgeting and negotiating - not with the intention to make any financial profit, but to spread the word in a comprehensive way in order to achieve positive change. And I learned a lot on the way.

So that when I’ll leave this life one day, I can happily say that I made myself useful and didn’t waste it just moaning about the mess.

Since I am doing pretty much all the jobs myself (with essential moral and technical support from my partner Egle) I can keep the costs down and stay competitive in relation to similar products on the market, while being able to donate a whooping £5 per bottle sold to WaterAid - contributing to safe water and sanitation in deprived areas all over the world. I am aiming to cover costs and raise funds for the next batch of bottles to be able to keep supplying people with this simple and beautiful solution.

I started this initiative because I believe water safety and plastic pollution are some of the biggest concerns we are facing today, because I believe that change can only be achieved through action and because I truly believe in the power of people. I really do hope that my humble campaign will make a difference, small or big.

If you just like my website, that'll be great.

If only some people who are still buying bottled water will learn more about the bottled water scam, global water issues and plastic pollution - I would already call it a success.

And if only a few people decided to quit plastic bottles after reading my website - I’d be so much happier than I was before.

And if YOU should decide to invest in a TidyTide™ bottle to reduce pollution, support access to water, lead by example and share the message - you’d totally make my day.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website.

I truly hope that you find it informative and if you like it,

please give more power to the people by sharing it!

With love and hope, Meike x

Love Water - Love Life - Love Yourself